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Bio: In a story in the Quiche Maya council publication called the Popol Vuh, the hero doubles Hunaphu and Xbalanque transform themselves right into the sun as well as the moon. Mesoamerican cultures were among the most developed of ancient worlds. The Maya maintained time with a mix of numerous cycles that meshed together to note the movement of the sunlight, moon as well as Venus. Their astronomy was well created, and they noted the "zenial days" when the Sunlight was directly overhanging (" at zenith") and a vertical stick cast no shadow. into "months" or uinals of twenty days, "years" or tunsof 360 days and also longer durations of 7200 days, the katun as well as 144,000 days, the baktun. https://knoxsjmz467.shutterfly.com/28
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