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Bio: QuickBooks accounting software has built a strong reputation worldwide due to its attractive features. Besides managing the accounting part, QuickBooks is loaded with a wide range of functions like online bill pay, barcode scanning, advanced inventory, and automatic email reminders. Due to its various features, users want this software, and many ask How to setup QuickBooks online using simple steps. The most exciting thing is you don't require accounting knowledge to set up and run QuickBooks. It's as easy as running a basic day-to-day software or other application. Here are the quick tips that will simplify the QuickBooks set up process.
• The first step includes setting up the company information in QuickBooks online.
• Now add the accurate financial statements, or we can say the useful quality chart of accounts.
• Another step is to set up the precise sales and expense reporting.
• To be sure about all income and expenses recording, you must connect the QuickBooks online with your bank account (credit, savings, or current).
• You can also add your products and services in the sales form, including the cost, quantity, and detailed product description.
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How to setup QuickBooks online